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Studios must submit music on their Dance Genie enrollment by the given deadline. This will allow us to organize each entry to avoid skipping and other technical problems.  We ask that every studio bring a backup flash drive with all of their competition music. If you need assistance with uploading your music please email

All modeling contestants must provide their own music.  

A cordless microphone may be available for all singing contestants.  

Please contact Work It Dance Challenge in advance if special music or microphone requests are desired.


Safety is our number one priority.  Please make sure all props are safe and secure. Studio directors will be responsible for any injuries due to props.  Liquids, fire, guns, and animals are prohibited. We ask that you do not use glitter, feathers, or any other items that may cause a delay on the stage.  If you require one of these items it will be your responsibility to clean them up.  Prop set up and removal must be under 2 minutes. Anything over that will result in a 15 point deduction from the dance the props are used for. For specific questions on props please contact Work It Dance Challenge.

Appropriateness / Issues:

Work It Dance Challenge is a family-friendly event. Costuming must be age appropriate and all routines presented on stage must be appropriate for family viewing. Choreography with suggestive music of movements will be disqualified or points will be deducted. If you have specific questions about what is appropriate please contact us before the event to discuss. 

Students that do not complete their routines or leave the stage mid routine are not eligible to perform again.  Studios may decide whether they would a shout out award (trophy without adjudication) or a scratched.  


Work It Dance Challenge's number one priority is safety and fun. Bad-mouthing dancers or using any foul language may result in point deductions or disqualification.  Violence of any kind is prohibited.  Studios that cannot adhere to these rules will be suspended. 

To keep our event on time, routines may not be held unless for serious circumstances.  Please be sure to line up promptly and follow call times.   Title  routines cannot be held for any circumstances.  

We prohibit any illegal  or legal substances in our venues and changing areas such as alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.  Failure to comply with this will result in dismissal from our competition.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Fowl language or aggressive behavior towards our Staff or other patrons will result in immediate dismissal from out event.  WIDC has a ZERO tolerance policy for bullying and violence.

Our events are all about FUN!  Please spread good vibes to all of our amazing participants.  We can’t wait to dance with you!  Please email us with any questions!

We do not allow independent entries.  All entries must be registered through a studio!




MODELING: 2 minutes

ALL OTHER ROUTINES: 3 minutes 30 seconds

Time extensions are available for an additional fee


There will be a 5 point deduction for any dance exceeding their time limit. 

Time extensions are available for an additional fee

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